Back To School Supplies In The City

Back to school shopping is very important for every parent, where stationery lists and uniform checks take precedence before the new term starts. In The City, shopping is made easier with a variety of stores that stock school products, from stationery, books, uniforms and school bags, to great lunchbox ideas. Here’s where to find everything you need to tick off your Back-to-School list.


Pens, crayons, books, rulers and erasers – these are just a few things that any school student’s pencil case needs to be filled with. Stock up for the new school year in The City! We have all your stationery needs covered.

School Uniforms

After tackling the stationery shopping, next comes the new school wardrobe. Send your kids back to school in fresh white shirts, shiny new school shoes and socks, and get them off to a smart new start for 2020. Here’s where you can find your kids’ school uniform basics in The City.

Back To School Lunch Ideas

To ensure your children are energised and ready to take on the new school year, packing healthy lunch and snacks is so easy to do with Sandton City. Get all your lunchbox necessities and treats at these stores.


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