#BeTheChange: How To Recycle Single-Use Plastic – Make An EcoBrick

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute of every day. That is an overwhelming amount of plastic that cannot correctly be disposed of at the rate in which it’s bought. With this reality, the planet is now faced with a pandemic that is known as Plastic Pollution.

Plastic Pollution has devastating effects on our oceans, our lands and our communities. The ultimate goal, for the well being of the planet and all those that reside in it, is to eradicate the usage of plastic. Where we do use plastic, there are effective ways of disposing of it, such as ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’ them.

There are also creative sustainable ways to make use of a plastic bottle for good. They can easily be turned into an EcoBrick.

An EcoBrick is a plastic bottle that has been packed with used, non-recyclable plastic, which can then be reused as a building block.

Join the global movement to reduce your plastic usage today!

Click here to find out more about Sandton City’s #BeTheChange Movement. 

How To Make Your Own EcoBrick



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