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Emerge The Victor

This figure, presented as a framework, speaks to the struggle of all humanity. The struggles that any man woman or child, even animal, goes through in life does not need any emphasis. What we need to bring to the fore is our ability, capacity to change our situation. To speak, think or live today, learn from the past, and strive for a better future.

This work, consists of a steel framework, representing the strength of every living creature to endure, but more than that, to live with intention.

This frame contains a metal ‘heart’, with 3 ‘veins’ extending from it, transporting the ‘life blood’ required to grow, live, think and feel.

The rusted metal affirms that, alas, we are not immortal. The skin, of plastic ribbons, covering a portion of the back reveals to the viewer more at play than what is seen on the surface. Be it a person, family, city, country or our planet

There is a cry, of pain, of anger, of frustration as the individual strains to be released from the non-ideal aspects of the situation we all find ourselves in. It does, however, suggest that there is a better way, another outcome, than what is suggested by the facts we record with our eyes and percieve with our minds. Indeed, there is always more than one solution to the situations that cause that pain, anger and frustration.

Idealistic thought, I agree, but ultimately I hold responsibility for my impact, my response and my perception on, to and of the environment I find myself in.

by George Halloway

George Holloway is a ‘mature’ man, but a young artist, whose first formal artwork was exhibited in 2013. While studying Fine Art at the Natal Technikon (now DUT), Holloway majored in Sculpture, under the tuition of Andries Botha, and consistently worked with Found Objects as a sculptural medium, which led to the use of metal offcuts from a series of projects utilising 6mm roundbar.

Arriving in Joburg in 2014, Holloway resided in a studio in the CBD, and worked on the ‘Think Bench’ project for RMB, contracting to the Workhorse Bronze Foundry, now installed at RMB’s Sandton head office. Since its completion, Holloway has been making art from Nugget Square, an artistic hub in the CBD, where many artists have worked from over the last five years, with Gordon Froud at the centre of this exiting space.


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