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Lose your hang-ups, one glass at a time

In a world dominated by plastic, we are at constant risk of plastic pollution. This makes its way into landfill sites and rivers and even into our oceans creating islands or continents of plastic. The plastic either breaks down (very slowly) and is eaten by sea creatures or simply floats on the ocean’s surface or in huge dumps on land causing environmental issues. My sculpture, made of recycled plastic glasses (gleaned from art exhibition openings) and recycled plastic coat hangers, collected over the years (often from charity shops) have been fashioned into two geometric forms, the glasses into a sphere and the hangers into a polyhedron which surrounds the sphere. My hope is that the beauty of the forms and materials will inspire people to consider recycling plastics into aesthetic objects rather than allowing them to end up in the rivers, seas and landfill sites. BE THE CHANGE, NOT THE PROBLEM!

by Gordon Froud

Gordon Froud has been involved in the South African and international art world as artist, educator, curator and gallerist for three decades. Froud graduated with a BA(FA)Hons from the University of Witwatersrand in 1987, a Higher education Diploma from the same university in 1987 and a master’s degree in Sculpture from the University of Johannesburg in 2009, where he runs the Sculpture department as a senior lecturer. Froud has taught continuously at school and tertiary level in South Africa and in London since 1990.
As the first recipient of the Site Specific land art residency in Plettenberg Bay, Froud has curated two shows that will travel South Africa over the next two years.


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